Sugaring Hair Removal for Men

Sugaring Hair Removal for Men

Sugaring is a hair removal technique that dates back to ancient Egypt. It is similar to waxing but offers some distinct advantages due to it natural ingredients. Let’s take a look and sugaring to see if it’s the right hair removal technique for you.

Sugaring is available in two forms, a wax and a paste. The sugaring wax method is very similar to the standard waxing method of hair removal. The sugaring paste method is the one used by Cleopatra. It uses just water, sugar and lemon juice making it particularly easy to make at home.

Both methods involve applying the paste/wax to the unwanted hair, allow the mixture to dry and attach itself to the hair, apply cloth strips to the dried past/wax then sharply pull off the cloth strips taking the unwanted hair with it.

The kits you buy at the store are usually the sugar wax variety. The sugaring hair removal performed at clinics is also the sugaring wax variety. Of the two, sugaring wax is more expensive and also more painful. The resin based wax tends to stick to the skin as well as the hair so pulling off the cloth strips is akin to ripping off a band-aid…a big band-aid…over and over again. Some of the side effects of this technique include bleeding, swelling and possibly infection. The cost can run over $100 depending on the particular treatment or clinic.

Sugaring paste is a very affordable and safe method you can do right at home. It is simple to make using water, sugar and lemon juice. These items can be mixed at home at very minimal cost. Getting the mixture right is the only real challenge. It must have the right consistency to stick to the unwanted hair. Talcum powder is sometimes used prior to applying the paste to help insure the paste does not stick to the skin.

Both sugaring methods are easy to clean up as they’re both water soluble. Sugaring paste has the added advantage of remaining pliable and easy to manipulate giving you plenty of time to take care of business.
The sugaring wax, on the other hand, tends to dry quickly and become hard and difficult to work with. You can expect to get 3-5 weeks from a sugaring hair removal treatment. Repeated treatments tend to weaken the hair making each subsequent treatment easier to accomplish.

Sugaring can be used on men just about anywhere except for facial hair due to it’s different root structure. You could do it yourself or have a ‘friend’ help although women are not as enamored with removing their mans back hair as we are watching them shave (particularly their vagina’s)! I’d recommend a spa or hair removal clinic and then let her swoon over the results.

Hair removal via sugaring is clean simple and effective. Maybe that’s why it’s been around for thousands of years. Although not as permanent as laser hair removal, it beats shaving and offers a cost effective method to get rid of unwanted hair.

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